Garden Roof Ideas for Urban People

The growth of people moving to urban areas becomes greater from year to year. Which means more people are living in apartments. This results in people not having a backyard or garden. Concluding the reason why many rooftop gardens are […]

Beautiful Garden Ideas with Pots

Having no space for planting any flowers may not stop your passion on planting flowers. Garden ideas with potsare one of the solutions for you to beautify your limited yard. Garden idea could be a part of your house design […]

Several Garden Ideas without Grass

Looking at green comes from your garden will definitely get rid of your fatigue and tiredness. Having private garden ideas without grass in your residence is going to be useful, not only it beautifies your house it will also help […]

Awesome Garden Ideas with Pallets

People are getting more serious in giving their attention to the earth. You will find there are lots of people out there trying to be friendlier in using natural resources. They are not only reuse old stuffs but also try […]

New Garden Ideas with Colorful Look

Garden is the best thing that makes the exterior of your home looks so wonderful. Actually, there are many kinds of garden that you can choose, but flower garden can be the best choice to make your home looks beautiful […]

How to Create Zen Garden

Garden will make the exterior of your home looks so beautiful all the time. Besides, a garden is typically with natural look so that it makes the exterior of your home looks fresh and natural. Anyway, there are many kinds […]

Simple DIY Garden with Amazing Look

Garden will make the exterior of your home looks so natural. No matter the space is big or small, you can create a garden as beautiful as you can. There is no rule to make a garden because you just […]

Decking Garden Ideas for Vegetables

Decking garden is the best choice for you if you want to plant some vegetables. Definitely, creating a garden for vegetables is a little bit different than creating a common garden. Since it is planted with vegetables, the garden should […]

Outdoor Enclosed Garden Idea

Garden can be used for everything and many gardens are used for growing the vegetables. A garden has a natural look and it is combined with simple design. Usually, the garden is placed on the backyard and it can be […]

Minimalist Japanese Garden Design Using Bamboo

Small Bamboo Garden Rooftop Terrace

Garden should be beautiful and it should be green all the time. As you know that garden is the best place where the plants grow. Nowadays, there are many designs of garden you might like whether it is contemporary or […]